Cherry Misses Burke With Feable Knockout Swing

Brian Burke is against the ropes, they’re all that’s keeping him up. Don Cherry sees the vulnerability in his opponent. He walks up to finish him off. Cherry sets up, swings, and misses. And no-one is Canada is surprised.

Brian Burke has made some very questionable decisions, decisions I outlined in my last post, which have left his team far from a playoff spot without hope that they’ll be there again any time soon. In other words, he’s vulnerable. A position that delights Don Cherry. But instead of attacking these bad decisions, Cherry attacks Burke with the lamest, borderline racist approach. He attacks Burke because no Leaf players are born in Ontario. Yes, judging a person based on where he is born is a type of racism.

Where a player is born is as relevant as the color of a players skin. It means nothing. All that matters is if the player can play.

I do give Cherry credit for attacking his networks #1 source of revenue. It’s that spirit that is the core of my writings as the NHL Outsider — making those accountable, in spite of any relationship. But unfortunately Cherry wastes his time on the air and independent stance with rubbish arguments that actually create counter support for Burke.

So Don Cherry, next time you have your opponent against the ropes, stay away from attacking with the lowest common denominator and use your intelligence. I know there’s some there. And deliver a lasting, inspired knockout blow.

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