Canucks Give Themselves Blackeye In Fight With Hodgson

About a month ago when Canucks headcoach Alain Vigneaut was asked about Cody Hodgson’s limited icetime he said he wasn’t going to reduce Ryan Kesler or Henrik Sedin’s icetime for Hodgson. One was a Selke winner and one was a Lindsay Award winner, regardless of the fact that these awards are awards based on last year’s play and have nothing to do with what is happening on the ice this season.  Also of note, neither Kesler nor Henrik have consistently played up to the standard to be considered finalist for either of these awards this year. This comment was accepted by the media without much concern. But it should be concerning, not only for Hodgson, but also for Canuck fans and management. What if Hodgson was outplaying either of these two? Which can be argued he was for the month of January. Vigneault is sending a message that playing his best players isn’t important, hence giving your team the best shot at winning isn’t the most important thing on a nightly basis, instead appeasing his award winners is. So when Hodgson’s agent says his client and the Canuck’s goals didn’t mesh, I’d have to agree. Hodgson has every reason to be concerned at not having a chance to earn a greater role with the club, specifically when his play warrants it.  He should be concerned about being viewed prejudicially by a guy (AV) who has already attacked his character through allegations that he used an injury as an excuse for poor performance, an injury that was later discovered to be career threatening and misdiagnosed by the team’s medical staff. In spite of this mistreatment, Hodgson has never publicly spoken ill of the Canucks or AV. He has repeatedly taken the highroad. And in not going public, he has left himself open to be the target to cheapshots about his character, about being a diva, about being a me first guy. We all understand team concept, but being the repeated target of this type of mistreatment begins to wear thin on anyone including a team first guy. Canucks have a blackeye on this one and it’ll take a long time for this bruise to heal.
  1. #1 by Tom Tenfordy on March 3, 2012 - 7:32 am

    There would appear to be a sufficient evidence to accept the position presented in the article.

    What’s more, to any non-kool-aid-drinking-non-homer Canucks’ fan, some light should also be shone in the MGGM direction – IMO.

    Given that Sedin and Kesler were already well-entrenched, why was Hodgson drafted in the first place? Though a highly-touted prospect and of seemingly great character, Tyler Myers would have been a more logical pick instead of developing a prospect to trade him for another prospect.

    This is magnified by the fact the Mike-His-Holiness-Gillis has publicly made it his mandate to have depth and talent at D though the toughness factor still remains (at D).

    Hence, what is going on with MGGM, AV and the ‘Grand Vision’ that all the mainstream Vcr. media hacks purport exist with the brain-trust?

    Perhaps, and also suggested in the article, MGGM and AV’s sole goal is not to win the Cup. It is easily seen to be secondary to making sure that they don’t make themselves look bad first.

    Pulling Luongo in Game 6 in Chicago (jobs on the line) and not pulling him in Game 7 of the finals (jobs not on the line) is evidence to this supposition.

    The bruise that some Canucks have they have had for 40 years and counting. Perfect optics sought by the brain-trust cost them at least one Cup already (and some would say two – 2009).

  2. #2 by peanutflower on March 3, 2012 - 7:21 pm

    Really? You don’t think that Winters is behind all of this, and from various accounts Hodgson’s parents too? What rookie should be able to demand more ice time? You only have to read Winters’ blog to realize what an off the rails “professional” he is. What rookie goes through three agents in two years? Personally I’m glad the drama has left town. Let the Sabres deal with that.

    • #3 by Bre Esc on March 9, 2012 - 2:00 am

      No I see AV’s smarmmy self behind this Cody showed him up over the injury and then out played the “superstars” ahead of him in the lineup only to hae AV go back on what he has always said”you can earn more playing time by being the better player” except for Cody or Ballard because quite honestly AV likes to have whipping boys…….Oh and like I’ve said before this team wins inspite of AV’s coacjhing not because of it and their current play reflects that !

  3. #4 by Ladeeda on March 4, 2012 - 12:18 am

    The Canucks wont even blink an eye. Cody was great, but I agree, you have to pay your dues. The reasons why Kesler is struggling is because he came off major hip surgery and then both of his linemates are injured or sick. The Sedins are quiet right now but they are still in the top 10 scoring. Maybe they are resting for playoffs??? Were winning thats all that matters.

    Cody may or may not be great in Buffalo, I mean he doesnt have a Kesler or a Sedin feeding him the puck anymore on the power play.

    The Sabres are struggling big time, Cody had 18 mins of ice time, and he hasnt gotten a point yet, meanwhile Kassian has seen maybe 8 mins of ice so far in each of his games, and hes made quite the impression.

    Black eye? Nah. We got too much going on for our team….Cody was a distraction. I thought it was odd that he was injured all of last year and then suddenly hes okay to play in the playoffs?? You can see that when his teamates scored, they didnt really include him in any celebrations…they were like…whats the big deal with this kid.

    AT first I was upset, but not so much anymore…..I think in the end, you will see that we won out in this trade. Cody will be forgotten after the playoffs start.

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