Open Season On Goalies

A couple weeks back Milan Lucic barreled down the ice and slammed into Ryan Miller. It was a despicable play one can expect from the Bruins. Miller was obviously unhappy with the play and even unhappier that Lucic received no suspension.
Lucic said he only saw Miller at the last second and since he couldn’t avoid Miller, he simply braced himself in protection. NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan, who has been doing an amazing job handing out suspensions, deservedly came under scrutiny for failing to suspend Lucic for this transgression.
Miller sat out with a concussion for a couple weeks only getting back into the starting lineup this past weekend. In his first game back, Miller was once again the target of a cheap shot, this time by Jordin Tootoo, bearing down on goal.
Tootoo crashed into Miller at full speed and the two went flying. Upon landing Miller flipped over onto Tootoo and started throwing rights and lefts, letting his attacker know if the NHL wasn’t going to make him pay for crashing his crease than he was.  
This time Shanahan did get it right by suspending Tootoo for two games, but the message from the NHL already seems to have been sent. Goalies are fair play. Tonight we saw another example of a player charging recklessly towards a goalie as Justin Abdlekater took out Brian Elliot. Maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s a case of blue car syndrome, or maybe players feel they have a free run at goalies without consequences.
Running a goalie is cowardly. It is taught in minor hockey that you just don’t do it.  Hopefully this is the last one we see for a while, but if not, Shanahan better get tough on the culprits.
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