NHL Approves Re-alignment

It took the NHL board of govenors an hour to discuss and approve league re-alignment where there will be four conferences and no divisions.  As posted yesterday, here’s what the new Conferences will look like:


Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, San Jose, Los Angelas, Anaheim, Colorado, Phoenix


Winnipeg, Nashville, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Dallas, St. Louis

East North/South

Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Buffalo, Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Florida

East Central

New York Islander, New York Ranger, New Jersey, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Washington, Carolina

Teams will play a heavily weighted schedule within their own conference and then have home and away games against the rest of the teams in the league. 

For the Canucks this means playing a lot more games in their own time zone as they will face LA, Anaheim, and San Jose up to 7 games a season. This year, the Canucks will only play 6 road games in their own time zone, the toughest road schedule in the NHL. 

This will also ensure that they play Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg twice a year.
This is great for the Canucks, the other teams currently in the Western Conference, and as a whole, for the NHL.
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