Evaluating Cody Hodgson’s Rookie Campaign

Vancouver Canucks rookie Cody Hodgson has been labeled everything from the heir apparent to Trevor Linden to a total bust. But so far, 24 games into his rookie campaign, he has settled nicely under a more realistic label, a promising young NHLer.
When he was first drafted there were immediate comparisons to the Canuck great #16 Trevor Linden. Having never played an NHL game this was optimistic but also unfair.  But as I watch Hodgson play, I don’t see another Linden in the making, I give that distinction to Ryan Kesler, instead I’m reminded of a young Henrik Sedin.  
Hodgson is still young and has some deficiencies to improve upon such as body checking, it’s one comparison with a Sedin I wouldn’t want to covet. He’s not the strongest player, but he’s still growing into a man’s body. He at times makes rookie mistakes in his positioning, and he’s just adequate in the faceoff circle.
But there are also some efficiencies, a package of skills that Canuck fans are excited about.  Efficiencies that have Canucks fans asking how good can Hodgson get? He has incredible hands, a great shot, his skating has improved dramatically, he has amazing vision and can thread a needle with his pass, much like Henrik. 
To date he has 12 points through 26 games, while being shuffled around various lines, regularly getting the lowest minutes of ice time of all the top 9 skaters. These 12 points project to about a 40 point season. A very good total for a rookie. When I compare those numbers to the Canucks current 3 stars when they were 21, it is very encouraging.  
As 21 year olds Henrik had 36 points, Daniel had 32 points, and Kesler had 23 points. So far, Hodgson’s in good company.  But I’m not too concerned with points at this stage in his career. I’m more interested in how he thinks the game, adjusts to the game, with how he physically holds up. And it’s these areas where I find great optimism.

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