Flames Feaster Causes Future Famine?

When Jay Feaster got the general manager’s job for the Calgary Flames last year it was on an intern basis. He was to guide the Flames through the rest of the season and then provide management an outline of how he was going to turn the team into a winner.

His presence and the lack or Darryl Sutter’s presence seemed to be all the teamed needed to turn things around. This late rally charge came across to the fans, management, and the team itself as a true reflection of the team. To every one else it was no more than a hot streak after the Flames were left way out the playoff picture. 

After having the intern removed from his title and becoming the team’s full time General Manager Feaster had a press conference. He was asked about where Jerome Iginla fits in with the team and he said Jerome would be a fixture with the team, he was not going to be traded regardless of how the team faired. 

I don’t know how Flames President Ken King accepted this intransigent attitude regarding their best asset. Make no mistake about it, the Calgary Flames are about as bare an organization there is in terms of talent in the NHL. And the talent they do have is old. 

To makes matters worse, they have no high end prospects waiting in the minors to give the team a boost. They remind me of the Leafs the year Sundin refused to waive his no trade clause. It’s taken the Leafs 4 years to turn the team around from that failure to manage its assets. 

Today Feaster met with the media again today and told them he hasn’t asked Iginal to waive his NTC, that Iginla hasn’t asked to be traded. Feaster spoke to the media as if they were his enemy. As if they were responsible for the teams lack of success. 

Feaster has to be smarter. Not trading Iginla is a mistake based on an emotion weakness. How can Feaster think he can rebuild this team without moving a aging player. It’s his responsibility to trade Iginla and get good young assets back. They need to get a good young roster player and a high draft pick in return. They need to get younger, get more draft picks and draft better. Letting their emotions dictate their actions won’t help.


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