Carlyle Fired, Boudreau Hired

The Anaheim Ducks fired Randy Carlyle after a 7-13-4 start to the season and replaced him with Bruce Boudreau.  The entire Ducks team was underperforming and when that happens, it’s usually the coach who pays for failing to meet expectations.  Carlyle is a very good coach, a Stanley Cup winning coach, and like Boudreau he won’t be out of a job for long. 

Boudreau was only fired two days ago by the Washington Capitals.  Alex Ovechkin responded by saying how shocked he was that Bruce Boudreau was fired.  This statement is shocking in itself.  To not see that Boudreau was on his way out takes some serious tunnel vision.  Maybe that’s why Ovi can’t score these days, maybe he’s just not seeing things properly.  

Boudreau came under intense scrutiny as coach of the Washington Capitals after the airing of HBO’s 24/7 series where his team struggled greatly under the everyday watch of the HBO cameras.  He did not look good juxtaposed to Dan Bylsma, a 21st century coach who seems to be able to do no wrong, including being able to do an interview without globs of barbecue sauce on his face.  Many were surprised he survived the offseason when the Caps were swept by the Lightning in the second round of the ploayoffs. 

The Capitals biggest problem under Boudreau was that their leader, Alex Ovechkin, seemed to lose his passion for the game.  He had always been such a light-hearted fun guy to watch, a kid dominating a man’s game, and somehow he lost that.  That was the key to the Capitals success and I do not see Dale Hunter being the guy to restore that enthusiasm. 

Now Boudreau has a new team to worry about, a team like Washington with immense underachieving talent.  I assume this move is a stay of execution for any trade including Bobby Ryan and the entire team will be given a chance to react to their new coach.


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