Lightning Sign Hedman

Just heard that Victor Hedman signed a 5 year contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I thought this was good news for TB until I saw the price tag…$20,000,000.00!  That’s right, $4 million/year.  For a guy who has been mediocre coming out of his entry-level deal I don’t see how Yzerman justifies this.  Where is Hedan’s leverage to get these kind of numbers? 

Hedman was drafted 2nd overall behind John Tavares and ahead of Matt Duchene.  Both have been spectacular in their early NHL careers.  Hedman has done little and is known best for his hit on Crosby that sidelined the world’s greatest player for 11 months. 

I have no doubt that Hedman will grow into this contract and be a $4 million player by the time it expires, but he won’t get there for a few years.  Not sure why TB didn’t work to sign him to a 2 year, $2 million/year contract and jump to the big contract then.  As Phoenix just showed with Kyle Turris, who held out for 2 months demanding a trade until he signed a 2 year/$3 million and change contract, the player has no leverage and all the incentive to sign at this stage in their career.  Steve Yzerman has received a lot of praise for the job he has done and justifiably so, but here he has over paid for no reason.

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