WTF Is Wrong With John Tortorella?

A couple weeks back John Tortorella addressed the media by saying he would not discuss the game, a game where his team played poorly and lost.  Reporters were dumbfounded as Torts walked back to the lockerroom.  What is wrong with this guy?  Does he not know that being a coach in the NHL requires him to speak to the media?  It is how he and his team is accountable to the fans who sustain the league.  What shocks me the most is that the media puts up with it.  They laugh it off like it’s some inside joke.  How amusing.  Yeah sure, seeing a grown professional act like a pouting 5 year old is amusing.  It’s also embarrassing and unacceptable.  If I was apart of the NHL or Rangers brass I’d be pissed.  His attitude on this and many nights, that he is above talking to the media, that he can brush them off, is absurd.  In fact the NHL should fine him and any other coach who behaves as he does when he decides to get terse or dismissive with the media.  He’s in a bad mood?  Too bad, he needs to do his job.  His team lost?  Too bad, do your job!  Addressing the media is a part of this job.  It’s time for him to stop acting like a child and man up, take his shots, and do his job.  I’m sick of his BS.


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